Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Take and eat, this is my body...

(my friends, Russ and Deb Rentler on The Journey Home last week, Dec. 10)

I swallow hard, just like you, TJ, each time I've watched the show and I ponder once again the immense love of God. How can one not be so moved by so great a love? Love that chooses to humble Himself even more than he did in space and time 2000 years ago; when he came to us as a baby born in a manger! Now he comes to us as mere bread? Can this be? A wafer made of finest ground wheat and placed on my tongue - to eat? A hard saying it is! So hard to hear, that some of your followers left you! But here I am Lord, I come to you at Mass, to eat of your flesh and drink of your blood. To be changed by your grace, even though slowly. To be moved by your compassion and sent out by your love, to extend your mercy to others that you've extended to me.


I am not worthy
to receive you
at this most solemn
sacred meal,
but only say
the word, Lord,
and I know
I shall be healed
What food is this
before me
that I crave now
to receive?
Echoing Saint Thomas
I cry...

My Lord, My God!
It is You!

Yes Lord,
I do believe!


Nancy said...

My sentiments exactly. I haven't been a Catholic very long (I'm formerly a Pentecostal) and I don't know how I managed all those many years without that blessed gift of Our Lord in the Eucharist. I long for him so much it aches sometimes.

I'm so delighted to have time off this week so I've been able to go to my parish for the rosary and morning Mass every day. Absolute bucket loads of grace; there's no better way to get spiritually prepared for Christmas.

Joyful Catholics said...

Hi Nancy,
I whole-heartedly agree. I've only been a true convert since Dec 2004. I joined the Church in or around 1980 since my husband was Catholic, but I longed for the more "happy clappy" (as I heard one man describe it) pentecostal fellowship, so we left the CC for 26 years! Now that I've been a real Catholic, it's been amazing! Amazing bucketloads of grace. That's how I described my conversion, as a bucket of grace just poured into my parched soul. Like a sponge I soaked it up and now I'm sometimes being "wringed out" to squeeze out this grace to give to others, in prayer, words, blogging, forums, etc. I love to go to daily Mass...especially the early morning one where it is so deliciously quiet! without music and clapping! ha ha

Bless you and Mary Christ Mass!