Tuesday, December 18, 2007

In a place called Omaha Nebraska...

We are so blessed in Omaha to have the IPF and Deacon James Keating, who now resides here, as of last year. He can be heard on Spirit Catholic Radio, KVSS, so I encourage you all to listen to some archives. Omaha...it's a great place to be a Catholic!

Visit Dr. Keating's blog, too! He's a wonderful, holy man. We heard him speak at St Stephen the Martyr a couple of weeks ago (and also at the Holy Family Shrine last summer) on the Mass, and how important SILENCE is in this noisy, loud, demanding, distracting, world. There should be much more stillness, silence in the Mass than there is. We're to "beg our priests for it" according to Deacon Keating. My husband's thoughts at the end of the evening? "Boy, Padre Pio would never have survived being a parish priest!"

"Holding the Eucharist in his hands for up to 3 or more hours in silence of ecstacy?" I replied, "No, he surely wouldn't."


Marie said...

I find silence is absolutley essential. During winter and autumn I will even go and sit in the car to gain some silence.

I dont know why some find silence intolerable, I love it.

Wonderful reflection:). Thankyou Joyful.

Peace, JOY & Merry Christmas


Joyful Catholics said...

Thank you Marie! Merry and Blessed Christmas to you, too!

I crave the silence and love going to early mass w/out music! What a change from my former Evangelical days...years, where the louder was the better. Such emotionalism can't and will not last when one is hungry for the fullness of Truth, which welcomes and at times, demands 'being still' before our Lord.