Saturday, December 01, 2007

Beautiful Song, Beautiful ONE...

This is a great song, by Jeremy Camp. Sarah and I are praying for to come Home to Holy Mother Church. He's definitely gifted, and using his gift for the work of Christ. But where the FULLNESS of Truth is, is where we all are longing to be, and where God wants us to be, in the ONE Church, ONE Body, ONE Faith. For Jesus founded ONE CHURCH, HIS CHURCH...on Peter the Rock. Only ONE CHURCH makes the claim that that is who She/It is...the Roman Catholic Church. Come Home, your Mother is calling and your Brother Jesus is waiting for you to come and be ONE as He and the Father are ONE in and through the Holy Spirit.

There's too much turmoil and cancerous division out there among the Protestant world's many "bodies." 33,000 denominatons can't be the UNITY of the Holy Spirit, for the TRINITY is ONE GOD in Three Persons, UNITED not divided. I've rambled here, and didn't mean to jump on my soap box, but the lost of this world continue to laugh at Christianity and the many splits and "divorces" these Protestant 'churches' make. The Catholic Church is the most "hated" of them all, for She is not a denomination, but the ONE TRUE Church founded by Christ, which should tell you something,right? It is sad and NOT what Jesus died to bring us. He died so that we be saved by grace and come to Him, to be redeemed/forgiven by His Blood and sent out to BAPTIZE the world in ONE FAITH. "Go out to all nations, making disciples, baptizing them..."

The word Mass means "to be sent." Only one Church has Mass. You won't find the Mass at any independent "church" you find in some store front at a strip mall, or some movie theater, or anyother place. How is that unity Christ prayed for ever accomplished by so many 'churches' that hold fast to such a broad and varied and contradictory doctrines? It NEVER is. And it NEVER will be. They're not bad people, they're just wrong. Wrong about what "church" is. It's not just a 'spiritual' nebulous, ethereal unity. Jesus didn't die "spiritually" on a "spiritual" cross, but he had a Body and bled blood and hung on a cross and died.

Jesus didn't give us a "memorial" meal with only a symbol to eat, but His own Flesh and Blood. Read the ENTIRE chapter of John 6 and those of you who hold to "literal interpretation" of Scripture, please tell me what Jesus plainly states...some 4 times, adamantly. How hard a saying it was for the early followers to hear, so much so that some left and Jesus didn't even try to call them back, for they KNEW he meant WHAT HE SAID. No spiritual gyrating was done to make those LITERAL words fit their own interpretation. And who would ever die for a 'symbol' anyway? The Saints didn't die for a symbol, but they died and were martyred for the Eucharist, the Flesh and Blood of our Savior. Only ONE CHURCH still offers that same Body and Blood, the Catholic Church.

COME HOME TO ROME where the FULLNESS of TRUTH, ALL TRUTH is. Jesus in the taberacle is waiting for you. Jesus in the Eucharist is waiting for you. I guess when I listen to this song, Beautiful One, I thought of the word ONE and what ONE means...we're to be ONE IN CHRIST, not off on our own just 'me and my Jesus' for NOWHERE in Scripture is it written that we should follow Christ on our OWN in our OWN way, on our OWN path. COME HOME and be with the Saints of old, for they were ALL Catholic, not of various sects with their own doctrines and beliefs. COME BE ONE in the ONE HOLY CATHOLIC AND APOSTOLIC CHURCH. It's BEAUTIFUL, for it is the BEAUTIFUL ONE CHURCH I ADORE. The Church IS the Body of Christ, and He and the Church are ONE. Beautiful ONE I adore...yes, I do! Come Adore the Lord in Adoration before the Blessed Sacrament, even if you're a Protestant, you will KNOW and feel the Presence of Christ there, you can't help it, for HE IS THERE...waiting for you, his Beloved Beautiful One.

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Hidden One said...

He has another beautiful song called "Open Up Your Eyes", but I'm not very familiar with his music.