Friday, December 28, 2007

Oklahoma Monks...

I am writing this from a motel room in Tahlequah, OK. Rich and I are on our way home from Dallas, where we had a fun Christmas and week in the DFW area with our oldest son, Justin and more Melkus clan.

This is the monastery we finally found before it got dark. Rich had been here a year ago in January and they've come a long way in the construction of the new monastery.

We stopped by the gift shop where Father blessed the statue of the Bavarian Madonna & Child that I bought. He blessed it in Latin which was so touching. They have grown to over double the size they were a year ago. Due to their tradtional, orthodox way of life, and celebrating Mass, they've attracted many more young men to the monastic, cloistered life. They had about 12 monks there a year ago and now around 28 or so.

It's a very lovely setting and I hope to be back to visit maybe in May or June. The large log cabin they're now housed in will be a guest house. Please check out all the photos on their website. This is ONE IMPRESSIVE new structure and all for our Lord's glory and to pray more souls into the Kingdom!

Visit them here at Clear Creek Monastery


Tiber Jumper said...

It's too weird again Susie!
I listen to their chant CD and send them a few quid for support now and then. Before i sat down at the computer I looked at my mail and realized I need to send them a little more support. then I check ur blog and found that you were there visiting!!

Marie said...

They had about 12 monks there a year ago and now around 28 or so.

Oh, how wonderful. It is sad to read so many Monastries are closing so this is good news indeed.

Glad you enjoyed a wonderful Christmas.

Peace & JOY to you:)


Joyful Catholics said...

TJ...okay bro, this would be spooky if it wasn't "Divine design"... This kind of "odd" stuff happens to me more and more. Too many things to say here. Bless you for supporting them. They are moving in a week, then the great log cabin will be a guest house. You and Deborah should plan to join us there for a retreat sometime in 08. God willing of course, but how cool would that be? God bless.

Joyful Catholics said...
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Joyful Catholics said...

Hi Marie,
Indeed it's good news about some monasteries such as this one being built and growing. I think that cleansing tide is flowing strong in the CC now! It's evident by these numbers, and encouraging that so many young adults are longing for Truth and not emotional experiences only.

Bless you,