Thursday, December 06, 2007

Guess who's coming to Omaha to speak at our parish?

Yepper.... you guessed who it is. She will be at St Robert Bellarmine, Jan. 9, 2008. I am so excited! I'll get to meet her finally! She's like a Mom to so many of us converts! Her wisdom, candor, humility is just so inspirational.


Maryellen said...

Oh! You are so lucky. I love her! We heard her in Omaha back in the 1990's when we were living across the river in Iowa. I have her 2CD set "A Day of Grace" put out by Catholic answers.

I'm happy to make your acquaintance. We live in TN now and were so sorry the City has been so traumatized by the Von Maur shooting. We are praying for all involved in this tragedy.

It's late now, but I'll be back another day to read more in your wonderful blog. I see so many posts I'll want to read

Joyful Catholics said...

Thank you, Maryellen, for your comment and your prayers for our community so that we can "turn the corner" and not live in fear, letting fear win. The hearts of many are grieving, but we will persevere. One of the victims was engaged to a man in our parish, so we offered Mass for her, and all the victims this morning. So very very sad. Without 'hope' this is what one is capable of doing. Without hope, life is no longer sacred and nothing matters. Good will come from this evil, for our God is an awesome God.

Hope to see you here again.

By the way, where are you from Murfreesboro, TN? I have a step brother there, and would love to visit that beautiful state sometime.


Maryellen said...

Hi Susie (we have a daughter, Susie)

TN is beautiful, you should visit regardless of having a relative here.

Murfreesboro isn't far as the crow flies, but is 45 minutes from our house. Murfreesboro is about 15-20 minutes from Nashville where there is much to see and do. I hope you'll treat yourself to a trip to TN.

We live in Williamson County, which is especially beautiful. It has a lot of rural area along with great shopping. We're about an hour South of Nashville.