Thursday, December 06, 2007

Thank you for prayers . . .

Yesterday was a tragic day for us in Omaha. The names of victims of the shooting at Westroads Mall have not been released at this time. Our office manager's wife does work at Von Maur, but I've not heard anything about her. I will be going to work in about an hour. This was so very sad. I was at the gym at the time this occured and just prayed Hail Mary's and a rosary while in the sauna. It was good in that I was in there all alone, like a prayer closet, and I drew close to Our Lady, and used that time to pray for the victims/families and the shooter, Robert Hawkins. What a tragic life and for one so young to be so hopeless and despairing and then so heartless. This is the worst shooting in the history of our state. Our Pastor, Fr. Shane led us in a beautiful prayer last night at RCIA. He had 4 funerals this past week, and his tender heart for this event and those involved showed me how we all NEED faith, need hope and need our God and Savior. How anyone could cope with this, or tragedies like this, without faith, is so incomprehensible. I am again reminded of what a treasure, what a cherished gift this gift of Faith is! Out of this evil and horror, God will bring good, and that is our hope.

God rest the troubled soul of Robert, and God bless and comfort those who've been involved and witnessed this horror, and lost loved ones. Amen

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