Saturday, October 24, 2009

Waxing Nostalgic...

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This practically begged to be photographed. Who knows how long it will remain upright? In a Nebraska wind, or tornado season, it's hard to say. I snapped it on our way home from Denver, via the byways of "Nebraska - The Good Life." We were meandering on highway 20, when I saw this bit of "Americana," the old Drive In. I think it was near Long Pine, NE. if memory serves. How forlorn and somber it stands. What was once a lively and colorful "entertainment center" in the "family room" of "Hero Township" is now an obsolete and faded memory. Kind of like "saddle shoes" "bobby socks" "nickel popcorn" ".10 cent cones" "Black Jack" & "Beechnut gum, "Neccos" "Chicklets" and "Bubble Up."
Remember waiting FOREVER for it to get dark enough?
Remember "intermission" and how fun it was
to go to the movies in your pyjamas??
Remember sneaking in your pals when you were a teenager?
That's the only time I was ever a passenger
in the trunk of a 65 Ford Galaxy.
Remember being scared you'd be caught?
Remember the one guy who "let it go" ... just this once?
Remember your first 'date' there?
Being so nervous you spilled your Coke on my new
bell bottoms and platform shoes?
You know who you are.
I remember.
So do you.
you're still older.
So there.

And another thing: why does spell check think all words ending in 'er' should end in 're?'
Stupid computer. I mean, computre.

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