Saturday, October 03, 2009

The Coffee House...

The locals hammer out the issues and
grumble about the price of gas while
in the corner near the window a young
college student grabs a paper and adroitly
attaches ear buds turning the dial on an
iPod that contains a thousand songs
his fingers tapping on the table to the beat
of the tune in his head - unheard by the
rest of us gathered there, happily.
Another patron grabs her ringing
cell phone and proceeds to let us all
know, unbidden, what her myriad plans
are for the rest of this cold, gray day.
A pretty young woman sips her espresso
and pores over the latest, quaint and curious
volume of soon-to-be forgotten lore...
the latest tome on Oprah's book list.
At least she's reading, right? I sigh.
I feel the cold swoosh of air as a shopper,
laden with bags, rushes in for a brew
and to warm herself by the fire on this
first "blustery day" of Autumn as the wind
spins brown dry leaves around in circular,
frenzied patterns near the door
"Next" says the barista and I order a bagel
and latte digging in my purse for change to tip
the calm attendent who's bravely attempting to
keep us all happy and smiling cheerfully
at those who, for whatever reason, are not.
A melody comes to my mind and I think of
God and smile, humming softly to myself.
I turn quickly when I hear God's name
only to find it came from the lips of an
annoyed, albeit a rather "well-dressed soul"
whose little son has displaced the brown
warm liquid that's now running down a
tie of expensive silk and has dotted the
white shirt like a "Jackson Pollock" in mocha.
I wait for my order and utter a silent
prayer for this harried man and for those
not that interested in God this morning.
The God who's there across the street
in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar
Unseen- but really present.
Unloved- but always loving.
The God who's waiting to give the daddy in
his stained shirt and tie the peace he craves,
the faith he needs and the love to warm a
heart that's grown cold, maybe even as cold as
the wind on this brisk, gray Autumn day.

susie melkus


TJ said...

very nice susie.
Jackson pollack in mocha, now that's a line worth the price of admission right there!

Joyful Catholics said...

Aww, you're too kind, but I'll take it! :)