Friday, October 02, 2009

"Another world" beyond those doors... a world of chimes, bells, the soft sound of shuffling of habits coming down a hall not seen, behind a grill, where whispered and sung prayers travel through the air, entering your ears, filling your soul with the voices of "earthly angels" chanting their love to God. Here you can "be still and know" - know the embrace of True Mystery. I would conclude that it even "smells quiet" here.
In this sacred place you can practically "breathe" peace.

This dome is resplendent as the light of day changes!

I love this picture. The lighting is great. The little niche is aglow, and the Holy Infant stands, beckoning, looking at you, calling you to come, kneel, pray. You must click on and read the inscription above our Blessed Infante.

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RoamingCatholic said...

Wow, thank you for all these beautiful posts on Carmel! I visited there this summer, and yes, it is so heavenly out there! Can you post something about your visit to Alexandria also? I've never been there. God bless you!

Joyful Catholics said...

Hey, Thanks RoamingCatholic. I will surely post something on Alexandria. I might have earlier, from last year, but don't remember exactly where or what post it was. Thanks for stopping by~ :)

RoamingCatholic said...

Praised be Jesus Christ! Thanks! I was searching through your blog and can't find anything on Alexandria. But no rush on posting anything :j Thanks so much again for these beautiful pictures from Valpariaso! :)