Friday, October 02, 2009

The entrance. Note mass times. If anyone wants to go, let me know!
Atop the doors stands St Joseph and the Child Jesus, carrying a cross/lilies
Might this be St. John of the Cross? There's a skull at his feet. Anyone know?
This is a little creature that I'd never noticed before on my visit to the Carmel. I wondered how I could have missed it. So I touched it, and it moved. Someone evidently thought it would be fun to put a little bird in his sleeve. It really is kind of neat, because I just had attached a little sparrow to my light in our prayer room the day before! Little birds have been coming to me in words/books/scripture last year quite often, so this was a special tiny surprise for me a little 'treasure hunt.' Remember, not a sparrow falls to the ground that God is not aware of, and he knows every need of your life. Be His little sparrow, under His Hand, and stay there, where fear is absent from your trembling heart, where only Love is present. When only Love is present, fear flees!
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RoamingCatholic said...

Praised be Jesus Christ! That's definitely St. Francis of Assisi because of his rope cord .. and just the way he is looking up to Heaven with his arms in that position .. though it's really the rope cord that gives him away. You can always tell a Franciscan by that :) Funny someone put a little dove in his sleeve! I just noticed looking through my pictures from this past July that it was there then also! How very fitting for St. Francis! I love that they have a statue of him there, even though he's not a Carmelite. Our Lord revealed to St. Margaret Mary that the saint who best imitated His Sacred Heart was he <3

RoamingCatholic said...

Hi! I was just looking at my comment again .. actually St. Francis would be the saint who best imitated Our Lord's Sacred Heart after Our Lady of course <3 And then Padre Pio must be up there with him, as he suffered the stigmata for 50 years, while St. Francis had them for the last two years of his life, if I'm not mistaken. But then also, we can't forget St. Joseph. Alas, we will only know in Heaven! He has prepared a place for each of us :)