Friday, October 23, 2009

Picture Found at Objets D'artagnan
Free health care for everyone
Oh Yippee yay
And only the 'evil rich' will
Have to pay
Health care for all,
that is to say,
Except for the
"Least among us"
Ok, but hey,
If babies are aborted they're
Not among us anymore
So keep shouting and demanding
Your rights upon
the Floor
And all this talk about abortion
Just ignore, ignore, ignore...
Oh, it'll all be hunky dory
I'm so SURE!
susie melkus


Montag said...

I understand this poem to mean that if abortion is not ended, health care reform of any sort should not be done.

This can't be what the author meant.
Perhaps she meant that if abortion is not ended, free health care "for all" should not be done.

I don't know.
As for the "evil rich", is she referring to Dives? Or the Magnificat of the Virgin Mary, wherein we hear that God casts the mighty from their thrones and raises the lowly?

Tiber Jumper said...

excellent post and prose!

Joyful Catholics said...

Thanks, TJ.

And "Montag", thanks for coming by and to clarify, the author, i.e. the "she" you reference is me. And where exactly do you find that I meant that "health care reform" of "any sort" should not be done? Please, where did I write or even imply that? You're putting words in my mouth, M.

What I did mean is that so-called "free health care" should not be "idolized" by the liberal lemming masses, while babies are thrown in the trash can or sliced and diced for 'fetal stem cell research' a manner of speaking. Those words aren't "written' there either, but neither are the presumptions you purport.

And the 'evil rich' are those whom the liberal lemmings (those anti-Catholics especially) who happen to provide jobs and keep America working, as does the employer of a small business that I worked for for 9 years. Typical people, working for the hated, evil "profit" so hated by those who only want to get that profit in fund raisers to support their left-wing ideological agendas.

Hope that helps clarify.

No, Our Lady never calls the "rich evil." and neither does Jesus, but I know they will have a much harder time getting into heaven, because of their "attachment" and misplaced "love" for material wealth/gains/ and many possessions.

Again, thanks for stopping by... Peace.

Montag said...

Interpreting a poem "is" putting words into the author's mouth. That is how we attempt to understand a work of art, such as the poem.
Your explanation is filled with symbols and scenarios at which I could have guessed at only with years to spare to understand the poem.

If you wish to be totally clear, write an essay.
Once a poem is written, it is free of the author, and will be interpreted in as many ways as there are readers.

Joyful Catholics said...

You're right M. I stand corrected. Glad TJ "got it" though, without having to ask what I mean. God Bless.