Saturday, October 03, 2009

A powerful poem I found today...

For the "Fr. McBriens" who seem to be sadly too happy to create scandal. Those who would take the Truth and twist it to suit an agenda contrary to the Church need prayer but also a firm exhortation, a firm rebuke from faithful bishops and to be "judged by their actions" from faithful Catholics. Not judging their souls, of course, we can't do that, we aren't God, but the Lord does say "You will know them by their fruits." A dead tree cannot bear fruit. A fig tree cannot bear olives. Would that these 'wolves' find and receive the grace and Divine Mercy to repent of their crimes and have true, deep conversion of their souls, so to protect the 'little lambs' in their charge, as loving shepherds of the flock, instead of devouring them as ravenous wolves in sheeps' clothing.
h/t Hilary at Long-Skirts

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