Friday, October 23, 2009

Notre Dame, Montreal ...

Now here's a "mega church" that needs no "jumbotron!" Conversion can take place inside a chapel like this without a word spoken. The architect, an Irish-American Protestant from N.Y. was so moved, he was converted to Catholicism!

Some say this interior is "gaudy" and full of "idols." I say, it's full of CHRIST all over, on the walls, in the windows, on the ceiling and perhaps in a mosaic on the floor as some cathedrals and basilicas have. Some say we worship idols because of the statues, etc. Well, do Christians in 'mega churches' worship big screens?? Do they worship "flags?" The reason I mention flags is because there was a flag of every country in the world hanging from the ceiling of our former Interdenominational fellowship. Did we "worship" the flags? No. Do Catholics worship statues? No. I would urge those who believe this to stop being so ignorant, and don't believe lies you hear or misinformation you've heard throughout your life.

Just ASK a practicing Catholic, instead of a biased, ignorant Protestant (I used to be a ignorant Protestant, [meaning ignorant of Catholicism] so I know they exist and I'm not 'bashing' Protestants. My whole family is Protestant and I love them. I have many friends who are Protestant and love them too, so, please, no mean-spirited, anti-Catholic emails or comments. If I receive any, they will not be posted, only quickly deleted.) or a bitter ex-Catholic. It's so sad to have such anger and strife among those who call themselves the "Body of Christ." I've not met ONE Catholic who worships a statue. Just like you don't worship your family, although you might kiss a picture of a loved one that you might carry in your wallet or purse. If you're ever traveling or in the military fighting for our freedom, and you take a picture of your wife or husband with you, gaze at it with all your love and/or happen to kiss it before you go to bed, does that mean you worship your wife or husband? Of course not.

Come on folks, let's stop the bickering and unite to 'fight the good fight' ... and pray with Jesus His prayer of John 17. Who knows, maybe if you'd ever find yourself inside a beautiful Cathedral someday, just sit and be still. Listen to God speak to your heart, and perhaps you might be changed in a moment, like the architect of this Cathedral, changed so much as to convert to the One Church Jesus built on Peter. If not that, then maybe at least you'll be touched and enlightened enough to say, "Jesus, this is lovely." Or "You are truly here, Lord. Forgive me for being so hard of heart as to think that You couldn't be found here." Or "Thank you for this beauty and giving man the skills, the ability to create such a building to honor You." Or, just "Thank You, Jesus." Gratitude works miracles in a heart that's humble and contrite.

Godly men and women built these houses of worship. Don't keep perpetuating discord and factions by remaining 'in the dark' about the "Light from Light" whose found in every tabernacle around the world, in small. simple sanctuaries and the more ornate. All give glory to God ...not man.

Photo by Doug Ward

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