Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Why, Mommy?...

I know I'm not seen by
everyone right now
but you know that I'm alive
I laugh, I stretch my legs and arms
I cry, suck my thumb, and I sigh
You've watched me grow from
many ultrasounds
felt me kick
and heard the beating
of my tiny heart
God formed me inside
your body, Mommy,
to grow safely there from
my very start
He knit me together
by His OWN Hand and
gave me my own unique soul
many don't believe that's true anymore
and some don't consider me "whole"
To Obama I'm merely a criminal. . .
but I'm your baby, Mommy, why
are you voting for him?
Why, Mommy?
Why, Mommy?

susie melkus

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