Sunday, October 05, 2008

A most Ignorant dupe... nothing new under the sun

Bear in mind that, in recounting these things, I am still dealing with those ignorant dupes who gave birth and popular currency to the saying: "If there is draught, blame the Christians."
St. Augustine - City of God

Unfortunately, however, there prevails a major and malignant malady of fools, the victims of which mistake their irrational impulses for truth and reason, even when confronted with as much evidence as any man has a right to expect from another. It may be an excess of blindness which prevents them from seeing the most glaring facts, or a perverse obstinacy which prevents them from accepting the facts when seen. St Augustine - City of God

He [St. Augustine (354-430 AD)] dealt with obstreperous fools back then as we deal with them now. Bill, you cute little ignoramus you. Don't ya know, God loves you? I hope you'll come to believe that one day. I love you, too, even if you annoy the snot out of me. I can't hate you, for that would be a waste of time, breath and energy. You're a smug and a very little, little man. Where did you go to college? Was it a university? Oh let's just see....Yep it was Cornell. Well, Billy-boy, THANK THE CATHOLIC CHURCH and the RELIGIOUS communities of centuries ago who FOUNDED UNIVERSITIES for fools like you. You're a spoiled, obnoxious, whiny brat. Grow up. Get some religion before hatred kills you. Oh yeah, if your hatred for "religion" makes you very sick down the road, as hatred tends to do, I'd venture to guess you'd probably go to a hospital. Right? Once again, THANK THE CATHOLICS for those, too, for it is the CATHOLIC CHURCH which founded those places of healing, later other Christians then followed their lead and built many, too.

If nothing else, Billy, you'd better pray, or hope or rub your crystal or whatever it is you do when you're alone, and fear invades you as it does us all at'd better hope you're right! If we're wrong, we're just fools and idiots as you say. If you're wrong, well, Hell is a LONG TIME to find out how wrong you were. There's Divine Mercy for all right now, so if I were you, I'd consider returning to the faith you shrugged off or left or perhaps lost, for in the end it's either Heaven or Hell that is our destiny. God in his mercy won't make you "come to heaven" if you're hell-bent shall we say on choosing Hell. But don't think you'll be giddy there, Bill, in a place where religion is 'no more.' I don't think it's a place you want to be. But you've got your God-given free will, so I pray you choose wisely, while you can still bend your knee in repentance and not unmitigated fear. I pray that for myself as well, because there but by the grace of God, go I. Grace. Receive it, and cling to it, or reject it and spend eternity (again a LONG TIME that NEVER ends) finding out how WRONG you are.

To my readers: Bill says he "used to be a Catholic." We must pray for him. Our Lady wants him back, near her forgiving and Immaculate Heart, where so many of us who were lost souls have come to find peace. Let us hope for him who seems to have lost hope. I can be a bit sarcastic, but many Saints were, too, and called many folks names worse than I have done. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably a duck... or in this case, a little, dolt, albeit a cute blathering dolt. Saint Augustine pray for us all. Pray for Bill who, like you, has left with a restless and angry heart. We do pray you come back Home to the Church, Bill. Stop wasting your time bashing people of faith...or I mean, Christians. I'm pretty sure you don't bash Muslims or Hindus much...or you might lose your head, eh Bill? Rest assured you can bash us all you want, us "idiot Catholics," but we won't pull out a sword and swipe it across your neck as most radical, extremist Muslims, and extreme Hindus who've hi-jacked their faiths, tend to do when made fun of by anyone. You're making hay and much cashola now, so knock yourself out, just make peace with God before your "day is done."


Tiber Jumper said...

God have mercy on him

Joyful Catholics said...

Amen. I can't imagine what it's like to live 'angry' every day. There but for the grace of God, go I. Ex Catholics are the most bitter and angry of anyone I know. It's heart breaking. But then, when one does leave the Fullness of Truth, either by choice, or ignorance, they have to resort to the most vile justification, as did Lucifer, being a Seraph and choosing to "be like God"... How easily we are swayed, how easily we are duped without a well formed conscience. I pray for him, for Rosie O'Donnell, Madonna, and so many other former Catholics. It is so very sad.