Sunday, October 19, 2008

Like I've said before so many times, I miss voting for this man...

He gave straight answers. He looked us in the eye and DID NOT LIE! He never was hungry for power or popularity. He was a man of faith, a gentleman and how I wish we had a man like this running for president now. But rather than just wish, I pray that all will truly look deep in their hearts when they stand in that booth, behind that curtain with a stylus or a lever or a pencil. Vote for Life, for babies to have a fighting chance to just be BORN! That won't happen with Obama as president. He will sign for "Free Choice" first thing in office. Free choice for whom? Free choice for a woman to murder her baby? Government is NOT the answer. Government is NOT our Savior. Wake up. Vote for Life. Or watch our freedoms fall by the wayside. The CHOICE is ours. Either we'll get mercy or we'll get what we deserve. God help us all to follow the LAW written on our hearts. Amen.

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