Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Little Feet
that want to
run, hop, skip
and walk
little feet
no one sees
are forming in the dark
but what is that they
feel right now
something very cold and sharp
I cry
but no one
hears me
I'll die
but no one cares
aborted by my mommy
and discarded like a pair
of smelly socks
left in a dirty rag bin
my little feet are gone
I move my legs
but no one sees
I cry but no one hears me
I gasp and fight for my life
Mommy had her
but she didn't have me
she can't hold her "right"
or nurse and kiss her "right"
in the night...
how I would have loved to
be near her every night
I shiver
the light is gone
it's dark and cold in here
I can't fight anymore...
my blood cries out for justice
and one day, soon,
God's RIGHT will

susie melkus

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