Saturday, October 11, 2008

Just what I needed!...

Beautiful and timely reflection, by Marie.

There is an element of self seeking in each of us, that little voice that says 'what's in it for me' or when we do something good we want others to know about it and expect congratulations to follow. Faith is the exact opposite it is the realisation that whatever good we do is not on behalf of God but because God has empowered us and given particular Gifts to each of us individually. It is this Gift flowing from God's Grace that we put into effect when helping others or when we stand for what we believe in the face of persecution. Faith is in essence a spilling out of God's Love through us and towards all we meet. The measure of the Faith we have is the level in which we love.

This Sacred Heart doesn't beat for Himself, alone, but for us. When our hearts are beating in gratitude, then we will be able to love as we have been loved, to give of ourselves as we have received from Him, LOVE. ~ susie

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