Wednesday, October 15, 2008

St Gerard, Pray for us, for our country and all pregnant mothers...

Icon by Fr. William McNichols

Dearest Saint Gerard
You are the Patron of pregnant mothers
and childbirth
please pray for our nation
that has now made
the womb
a killing field
pray for all Catholics
to vote for Life
there's no perfect candidate
but we implore you to pray
for your brothers and sisters
here in America and all
over the world
to "choose life!"
and not fear
fear has brought us a
culture of death
and so many millions of babies
have not been given
the right to life
Please go before our
Blessed Mother Mary,
"Mama Most Holy"
as I read you called her
and plead for us
for Mercy
Thank you, St. Gerard


Marie said...

AMEN & AMEN! Lord hear our prayer.

Peace to you Susie:)

Marie xooxoxoxo

Joyful Catholics said...

Bless you Marie. Thank you, and peace be with you!