Monday, September 08, 2008

TJ's comment to a commenter on his blog...

I read this just now on TJ's blog.
Too good not to post. Thanks TJ.

It's very common for ex Catholics to be the most vocal about not wanting to be Catholic. I for one am a prime example.
I have asked myself now (over the past 4 years) countless times why did I leave this Church? My conclusion is this: No Catholic ever leaves the Church fully knowing and believing that Jesus is really present, soul body and divinity in the Eucharist. Had I really understood that Jesus was truly present in the Mass and residing in the tabernacle, why would I go anywhere else?
Sadly, akin to God of the universe coming to us as a babe in a manger (that goes unnoticed by most of the world), the most sublime mystery of the universe, God with us in the appearance of bread and wine, continues to go unnoticed by the many of us Catholics who go to Mass.
I suspect if you query your wife as to whether she really believed that she was receiving Jesus every Sunday, she would likely say she didn't believe or understand that.(Forgive me if I am making assumptions about your loved one that aren't true) I certainly didn't believe Jesus was in this Church, really substantially present, at 14 years of age when I had a conversion experience outside the Church. Despite the fact at every Mass, the priest holds up the Eucharist and says "This is the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world" Familiarity breeds contempt and sadly, I was one of those many Catholics who didn't hear the words of the Liturgy as they are being prayed Sunday after Sunday.

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