Friday, September 19, 2008

H & C....not "Hannity & Colmes"....

When I briefly turned the channel to get a "glimpse" of the Democratic Convention, I almost shivered when I saw the huge banners draped outside; long, dark blue at the bottom, lighter blue midway, and light blue mountains, with... lo and behold, a single 'red star' at the top. Shazzam! Similar to the yellow/golden outlined red star I'd seen elsewhere. By jove! Of course! The "Red Army" Soviet flag! Might this be the "hope and change" we can expect should Obama be elected? I don't think I'm too far off in saying 'yes' since he's got cronies all over the world who support him whom are Communist and Socialist/Marxist. Hm. And isn't it strange that both the Soviet flag and the Chinese flag have the 'singe red star' and how it is almost done in defiance of the "Star of David" - Israel's flag? We know Communism, Socialism, Marxism are all anti-God, anti-Christian philosophies/worldviews. Read the Democrat message above.

"Rewarding work" yeah, working for the ones in power. "Healthy Childhood"... does that perchance mean no "weak or sick ones?" Hm. "Freedom to worship" arse! Well, maybe they mean "one world religion?" "Respecting differences" arse! Obama can't even be criticized without claiming it's a "personal attack." Yet, look at Sandra Bernhardt's warning Sarah Palin not to come to New York or she'll be "gang raped" by Sandra's big, black "bruthas?" That's not 'respectful' at all, more like HATE SPEECH! "Justice Without Killing"....unless it's a baby that's not "wanted" right Dems?? "Collective Security" "Socialistic" of ya. "Revering Nature"...yeah, Save the spotted owl, and dismember a baby in the womb, and stab a baby in the head with scissors as it's being born. That's a great way to "revere nature."

Well, just a few thoughts.

translation: "Hope and Change"

надежда и изменение
Image:Soviet flag red star.svg


Anonymous said...

This is really scary. How arrogant and in your face the "Red Star" is, there for all to see and yet still people "are blind." What hope and change does this man truly represent??? Not mine that's for sure. Thanks for sharing and posting on your blog.

Tracy said...

I was thinking this exact thing and I'm glad to see I wasn't way off in this thinking.. we need to just Pray like crazy that Obama does NOT get into office.. it scares me so much to think of him in office.

Michele said...

I am left speechless when I add up all of the weird things about Barak Obama and his campaign. His associates, his Messiah complex, his proposals especially on National Service, the aggressiveness and hatefulness of his supporters.

When Sarah Palin had her email hacked into and Barak Obama is silent. Add that to the fact that all of his surrogates seemed to have talking points within hours of this event that were aimed at justifying this terrible and illegal intrusion into her private life. One conservative column got it right - it was an online mugging and the Democrats watched with glee.

Marie said...

Obama seems to say whatever the other person wants to hear. I have just written about defense and how both Obama and McCain differ. You should hear what Obama intends doing to the about madness when America is at war!

I hope you find time to read it:).

Peace, JOY & love to you Susie:).

Marie xoxoox PS: If being a communist would get him into power then that is what he would become, he is an opportunist. Scary, scary man.

Joyful Catholics said...

Hi Michele and Marie...thanks for coming by and commenting. You're both right as rain! I did pray for him yesterday and for the protection of Sarah Palin/ family. This is going to be and get very ugly. It already has, but we're in for a big mess me thinks! We thought it was bad 8 and 4 years ago..."dangling chads" etc. This is going to be a fiasco of gigantic proportions if Obama isn't elected for sure. It's a rough time for us either way, but I know this, if we get McCain in we have a glimmer of hope, if Obama gets in, we have "hell to pay" and judgmemt will (as always) begin in the House of God, the Catholic Church in America is going to be shaken like never before, for we have the most light and to those who have been given much, much more is expected! Lord have mercy!

Anonymous said...

You people make me sick. If McCain wins, then everyone i know is moving. i can't spend another 8 years of Gorge W. Bush. Obama is going to be our next president whether you like it or not. I don't know how you can think that McCain or Palin should run America!!! I would cry so much if Obama didn't win. It makes me shiver with fear if McCain got into office. and worse yet... Palin. Obama is an honest man. I know you people can't stand the thought of having a black president, but this world has got to move on one way or another.

Anonymous said...

Open YOUR eyes, mind and SOUL! It has nothing whatsover to do with him being black. Wake up to the issues! ALL of them! Obama has voted against life, no matter what age or color you are. Are you an unwanted baby, abortion. Are you sick or just too old for society, euthanasia. In case of a botched abortion,infantcide.

Want to talk economy? Obama's financial advisors are from the Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae disaster! Great leadership and advice there. They are THE crooks who stole from all American people. There should be a congressional investigation into their illegal actions. Where is the cry from the Democratic congress? Oh wait...these guys are Democrats, go figure. This economic disaster started with Jimmy Carter relaxing laws that were put in place to protect us after the Depression. Then Bill Clinton came to office and opened the doors wide for people to borrow money for homes that they could not afford! Both Democrats. This mess was started a long time ago! Check out All the facts before buying into the lies and half truths you see on TV. Propaganda is well and alive in our country. Very sad.

Want to talk military? Obama would cut funding for our troops. What? I guess they could throw rocks instead of using bullets. Probably friendlier to the environment.

I could go on and on but it won't matter unless you have an open mind to look objectively at all issues.

You want a socialist/communistic country? That is the "change" you will have with Obama.

It is time for everyone to put aside their self interests and vote their conscience.