Monday, September 15, 2008

Probably going to open a can of worms, but...

Might someone be able to enlighten me about the "apparition tension" between two Marian visionaries/miracles? One is Medjugorje and the other is Our Lady of Damascus/Soufanieh

I have read Soufanieh is approved by the Church, and of course, that Medjugorje is not. There seems to be a disparaging tone coming from Medjugorje camp toward Soufanieh camp and I'm wondering WHY would appartitions of our Lady, calling for conversion and unity be so disparaging? It's almost like there's a feud going between these people and I find it troubling. If anyone could shed some light I'd appreciate it. I suppose what might happen is I'll end up even more baffled. It's had me bothered in my soul all day. Having just been to two small and obscure Fatima Shrines, one in Nebraska and one built by Fr. Robert Fox in South Dakota, and seeing Fr. Fox has written a book and his involvment with Damascus/Soufaneih, has me very much in a "cautious" mode about Medjugoje because apparently they don't take kindly to one another. Just curious and hoping for some answers. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

I read a note by you in another blog that you know Sr. Mary. Me, too. Isn't she wonderful ! ? God be with you, from one lover of Carmel to another.

Marie said...

I find personally that I put my trust in the Catholic Church and wait upon their decision when it comes to Apparitions.

There are some I keep an open mind about but because they are not yet Church Approved I don't write about them or promote it. Here are two links that you might find helpful Susie:).

I think it is wise to be prudent in these matters and trust in the Church:).

Peace, JOY & Blessings to you:)

Marie xooxoxox

Michele said...

I have been very cautious about Medjugorje. I am not sure why because I have seen many people come closer to Christ and the Church because of it.

The amazing thing about many of the people I know is that a lot of them tell me that if the Church disapproved of the apparition, they would still remain faithful to the Church. So these conversions were real. These people were often lax or liberal Catholics who started to really learn their faith after getting interested in Medjugorje and became good Catholics as a result.

Although on the other hand two family members became enchanted with Medjugorje and it didn't help them much.

One thing I find hard to believe is the continuing daily or weekly messages that don't seem to convey much of substance. I also hear other things that don't jibe with my idea of a real apparition. I can't even repeat these things to you because I didn't pay much attention when I heard these things but it has all led me to a general feeling that this didn't all jibe and an unenthusiastic response to these apparitions. Although not enough to tell people not to believe them just enough to caution them that they haven't been approved yet.

I had never heard about the other apparition. Thanks for an interesting post.

Joyful Catholics said...

WOW...3 very kind and iformative comments! Thank you everyone!

Anonymous, Sr. Mary is so precious! What a dear! I hope to go see her again, and stay a little longer. Are you located near La Crosse? I'm in Omaha, so it's a bit of a drive, but I'd love to go visit her again and go to Mass at the Hermitage.

Joyful Catholics said...

Marie, thank you so much for the great link and wise words. : )

Joyful Catholics said...

Michele, thanks also for your input. Something to think about. I know some fine people and two priests who've gone to Medjugorje and have only positive things to say...however, I've never been really "fond" of the messages and all the "stuff"...but in someways, I was drawn earlier this year to want to go and now, not so sure. I will be happy when the Church approves and or disapproves. I find the messages kind of "blah" too. And there's one drawing or image of Mary portrayed that I really DON'T like at all. It's her eyes. They look more like the "alien eyes" almond shaped and all dark. Not what I have in mind for the Blessed Mother. Just an observation.