Monday, September 22, 2008

Let's vote for real HOPE and CHANGE...

Please go and vote here and speak up for Sarah!


Marie said...

I just did a piece on the fact that Hitler received better press than Sarah Palin! Just how loony are the left going to get?!?

Despite the economic downturn I PRAY that Americans will vote PRO-LIFE to put one's own self interest above the unborn is unthinkable!

The unborn cannot vote they depend on YOUR votes to try and stop this abomination which is abortion.

Sorry for the rant but I worry when I hear Christians say they trust Obama over McCain when it comes to the economy.

As Catholics one MUST vote Pro-Life there is NO other choice.

Peace to you Susie:)

Marie xoxoxo Pop over and read the quotes, it's quite bizarre really.

Joyful Catholics said...

Thanks so much Marie!!! PRAY PRAY PRAY for us "spoiled and whiny" Americans. We've been so blessed, but if we as Catholics think we can vote for Obama we're going to be in a "world of hurt!" You're right, there is NO OTHER CHOICE than McCain at this time, regardless of how they feel about other 'issues' the UNBORN babies are not ISSUES! They are BABIES, HUMAN BEINGS with the RIGHT TO LIFE! Amen! Nothing else matters if one isn't allowed to be born, for crying out loud!

Anonymous said...

People! i am a Catholic, but i believe that there is a choice!!! Obama!!! Whats so bad about him? Think about what McCain does!! Do you really want this war to go on? why would you vote for people that would keep the war going for 100 years if they could (McCain) and someone who shoots polar bears when global warming is occurring (you can't say its not!!) and polar bears are out there dying. yes we should be pro-life, and i think that Americans will vote on that, but what about the people dying out there in the war??!! I lost my cousin recently, and I'm sick and tired about how the war should go on! Please, reconsider what you are talking about. I am begging you.

Anonymous said...

is pro-life the only thing you can think about? what about the war? McCain wants the war to continue. What about education, health care, and global warming? McCain doesn't care about this or he NEVER talks about it.
Oh, i agree with you on one thing. "it's quite bizarre really" that you would choose McCain over Obama.
Also if Sarah Palin gets that bad of press... well... i wonder why?
so peace to you marie and catholic people...

Joyful Catholics said...

to the two ANN O. Nymous's...

Aren't you so very glad you were born so you could get on line, and post your insipid rants on Catholic blogs? Can you at least be happy you were given the RIGHT TO LIFE and then TRY to go deeper, and see that if a baby is not given even the right to be born, to breathe its first breath...all the other gripes you have are pointless. Sure war is horrific but it CANNOT be equated with abortion of 45 million babies! War is SOMETIMES necessary. It's just the way it is in a fallen world. But sadly you're both not thinking it through. How is it that you can exist with such hatred each and every day for LIFE?
You need to go sit before the Lord at Adoration,in stillness and listen to him, if you can calm down for 15 minutes before His VERY PRESENCE, I think you might hear HIM speak about how he created and loves every soul, but how much longer can HE tolerate the killing of innocents IN THE SAFEST (or what used to be the safest place for them) PLACE, THEIR OWN MOTHER'S WOMB?!?!?!?!?!??!??!?!??!?!??!

As Jesus did say in the Gospel: "If a blind man (or woman)leads another blind man or woman they both will fall into a pit!" You'd better wake up and ask for eyes to see the pit you're near, for it is deep that it never ends. I don't want a Socialist govt. for America. I don't want a Marxist for President. Nuff said!

Marie said...

isn't it amazing when what happens to a Polar bear is more important than the unborn???How ludicrous and how sad:(.
I pray every day for our men and women serving our countries to fight for our freedoms which too many times we take for granted. Trust me if Osama bin Laden had his way we'd have NO freedoms what so ever. Pray God that our service men and women fight for our right to say as we choose:). Especially as our service men and women CHOOSE to join the Military.

The UNBORN do NOT choose death, that's the BIG difference.

I think I will concern myself with the most vulnerable in our society and that is the unborn anyday over a Polar Bear.

Obama may waltz around with words, he is so very good at not committing himself but his track record stands he is for Pro-Death even to infanticide, but guess what so was Hitler!

I dont take too much note of anon's it is sad when they can't put their names to their comments. Which simply tells me they are on shaky ground and they know it;).

Peace, JOY(Which you exude Susie) and love to you:)

Marie xooxoxoxo

Joyful Catholics said...

Shaky ground for sure! Since when did babies become 'issues?' Does a mother hold an "issue" to her breast and nourish that "issue" and watch her "issue" grow into an adult "issue?"

PRO LIFE IS ALL I CARE ABOUT!! YEPPER PRO LIFE IS ALL THAT MATTERS BECAUSE IF YOU KILL BABIES IN THE WOMB THEN JUST LOOK OUT "ANONS" YOU'RE NEXT!! YOU BETTER HOPE YOU WILL REMAIN HEALTHY until you drop dead, or you might just be "too sick" and "Issue" to deal with and a waste of time for someone who thinks you're no longer of "value." DOH!!! Open your bleepin' eyes, you dolts! Sheesh man!!