Saturday, September 06, 2008

Our Lady of Victory has given us one...for the unborn and for America...

Yes, I'm stoked about McCain's VP pick. She is a breath of "fresh air!" Sarah Palin has truly ignited the conservatives and we needed someone to cheer for, and believe in, who will not be a Washington career politician, but will go to serve the people and fight for traditional values, for family and marriage and most important for the unborn. There won't be drastic change overnight, but I'm praying for her, and for McCain to "do the right thing" and fight hard the good fight of faith, to protect the least among us, all those precious babies who need our voice and their voices in Washington D.C. to change horrific laws and give them the "right to be born" to live life and find their way in this world. To give them hope and give their "unborn dreams" a chance to come true. God bless this team of McCain and Palin, and I pray that those of us who are Catholics and Christians of all denominations will vote for the persons who are really PRO LIFE, who are for the Right to Life for ALL people, born and unborn. It won't be easy, there are great and difficult challenges ahead, but with a PRO LIFE ticket, (as pro life as it can be at this juncture) these babies, our Blessed Mother's babies, will have a chance to grow, to prosper and become saints in the Kingdom of God, to spread more of God's love to the world and bring hope to others.

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