Monday, September 22, 2008


KVSS Care-a-Thon is underway. Listen on line and if the Spirit leads...donate $$ or your ardent prayers, which are equally appreciated, because prayer is POWER! Either way, lift up KVSS and the staff, as we are going to be expanding but need prayers and financial gifts to keep going. Pray for this holy and good endeavor to spread the Truth, in the New Evangelization, bringing people to Christ and Christ to people...ALL OVER THE GLOBE! It's local, live here in Omaha. I volunteer there and will be helping Thursday afternoon and Friday afternoon. Maybe when you call you'll get 'susie from omaha' (as heard on The Doctor Is In from time to time) and we can chat a bit. I'd love it!

Call 402.571. 0830 or 877.571.0200

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