Sunday, September 21, 2008

Another mini pilgrimage...

If anyone lives near Lynch Nebraska, come meet us next weekend at this LOVELY place!


With the leaves changing, and the Autumn breezes blowing, I've got "wanderlust" like crazy! I just recently came across this website and had no idea this was in our great state~ Well, after the day I had yesterday with a good friend, 12 hours of driving across the prairie and going to see our Lord at the Carmelite Monastery north of Lincoln and the Schoenstatt Shrine near Crete (2nd time for me) this is tugging at my heart for the next road trip to see Jesus on the plains! Check this place out and read it's interesting history... and seriously, if you're around the area at all and could happen to get there, we'd love to meet you. They have 21 rooms, and get this, it's only $20.00 /night!! God is good! Mary will lead us and I pray the Holy Spirit tells us what we're to do or be doing in this time of our married life. Empty nesting is great but I think we need a real "direction" for our lives at this point. There seems to be a draw very much on my heart to "go" to these little Marian Shrines and grottos and see how the Lord is moving across the Heartland. There's a big "what now?" in my soul though. So keep Rich and I in prayer that we won't be deaf to His voice or calling. There's something "afoot" as Sherlock would say, and with all the election stuff, the time seems to be "short" but not sure what is going on or if something is going to happen. We are surely going to "get what we deserve" if Obama gets elected. We'll be shown more mercy if he doesn't but it is still going to get very difficult for the Catholics in America. We've had it too good, and have not realized how blessed we've been in many ways. There's a purgation and a "big shake" coming. Like the old days when you'd take large blanket or bedspread outside and shake it to get the dust off...God is doing that now with the Church. All four corners of this Church are grasped in Holy Hands and the big shake is on the way. There's a reason I feel so drawn to find out where the oasis near us are located. Do you all feel the same?

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