Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sarah's Law...

As heard on Open Line today with Barbara McGuigan. A caller from California gave this website and it's worth a look and a read. We need to keep California in prayer that this will pass...and that the insane courts won't over-rule the people and legislate from the bench!

Who is Sarah?

Sarah was a 15 year old girl who became pregnant. Without her parent’s consent or notice, Sarah visited a clinic and the abortionist performed an abortion on Sarah, unknowingly tearing the right side of her cervix. Unaware of this complication, Sarah suffered blood poisoning, fever, chills, abdominal pain and nausea for four days before finally being admitted to the hospital. When hospital personnel discovered the tear and post-abortion infection, they placed Sarah in the Intensive Care Unit, but the infection was too far advanced and Sarah died. Hospital physicians reported that had Sarah received prompt medical care, she would still be alive today.

Sarah’s parents did not know that she was pregnant. Sarah’s parents didn’t know that Sarah had an abortion. Her parents could have saved her….if they had known.

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Tracy said...

Oh my gosh, that is so tragic.. this really scares me, my daughter turns 15 in August.. she is so young and immature in so many ways.. as her parent.. I have to be the one doing what is best for her.. if someone took that from me like in this situation.. I can't even begin to express how upset this makes me.. this poor girl and her poor family:(