Saturday, July 19, 2008

"Gonna take a Sacramental Journey..." No I'm not doing my Doris Day impression. I'm going to go to confession. It's been a whopping month and a half...or so. I wish we had confession more often at our parish. They have it daily at another parish a few miles from here, and I might start taking advantage of that gift! Believe me...when this talapia is cooked and eaten, and our stomachs are digesting this meal that I'm cooking, I'll be there, with Fr. Shane, pouring out my crud. You know the song...the Good the Bad and the Ugly, that's what reconciliation is. It's good to go, bad to not go, and ugly to stare at your sins staring you back in the face, but it's great to hear Jesus speaking through the priest that "your sins are forgiven you. Go in peace." My crud isn't quite what it used to be, as mortal sins aren't too common these days, but boy, those venial ones add up don't they?! YIPES! How I LOVE the Catholic Church! How I love the way God gave us this sacrament to keep us growing ever so slowly toward the holiness He desires, and to what the Saints obtained. Yes, we're called to be saints. Only saints reside in Heaven. Yepper, I wanna be a saint and no devil in Hell is gonna get make me stay away tonight from the grace of this holy and blessed sacrament! Pray for me. It's a rough road, and rough roads lead to Rome, and if we don't travel the rough road, the smooth one, the broad highway will lure us and we all know where that road leads.

Here's an examination of conscience that I find helpful.

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Smiley said...

Dont you sometimes feel that confession really is the best sacrament. in in conjunction with the holy Eucharist its just awesome.