Thursday, July 24, 2008

Heart of Jesus...

Hey all my blogger friends, I have good news to announce. Many callers to Catholic Radio programs have asked about Catholic Bible Studies/Prayer Groups and where there might be information or how to start a Catholic prayer group. My friend, Karen Dwyer, has now got a website up and running, with some valuable insight and information to assist Catholic women, (and men, too) in this endeavor. (Thank you to Carol Z., for your talent and expertise. It's a great site!)

Some Catholics are going to Protestant prayer groups and studies, and after a few times, or earlier in some cases, they find them not quite as "ecumenical" as they were told in the beginning. Many are good studies, but sometimes, if one isn't fully formed in their Catholic faith, they can become misled by misinformed evangelicals or other Protestants about their faith, and it could lead them out of the Church.

I believe Catholic women all across the country will find this website helpful. You don't need to reside here in Omaha, thanks to the Internet. Karen does have the imprimatur of our Archbishop, Elden Curtiss for her studies in Scripture and this format she and her husband Larry developed.

We all need to minister to the "heart of Jesus" and then minister His heart of Mercy to all of our brothers and sisters, Catholic and non Catholic alike. The Heart of Jesus Prayer Group is a wonderful way to invite your evangelical or Protestant friends to meet devout, kind Catholics and also to learn about the Catholic faith. The Heart of Jesus Prayer Group I'm familiar with welcomes all who want to grow in their love of God and faith. I think it's a great place help us "tear down the walls" that divide us, heart by loving heart.

Find out more about the Heart of Jesus Prayer Group and how to start one in your parish. God bless you.

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