Friday, July 11, 2008

As heard on Laura Ingraham...

Right along the same lines as the previous post reads this from Laura's daily e-blast.
Yessiree, if we live like dogs, we die like dogs. This my friends, is just sick.

ANIMAL-RIGHTS TERRORISM: Today's interview with the spokesman of the Animal Liberation Front, which the FBI's designated as a terrorist group, was utterly surreal. Contending that it's "morally justifiable" to kill human beings who conduct scientific research with animals, Dr. Jerry Vlasak sounded legitimately surprised when his views ran into opposition. Laura, an animal lover herself, struggled heroically to contain herself. This guy actually maintained that one human being's life held no greater value than that of a fruit fly! Question of the day: Were he on life support and needed an animal-derived miracle cure - would he say no?

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Tracy said...

that is an interesting question.. I don't know what the answer would be.. you've got me thinking:)