Friday, July 11, 2008

a baby...a lobster, what's the difference?

This is a very powerfully disconcerting article Mark Mallett posted.

I was reading last night on pages 48,49,50 of "Seek That Which Is Above" Pope Benedict XVI, and find it coincides with Mark's blog post. This sounds like what is the current paradigm of the Leftists/animal rights/radical environmental extremist groups or what I've dubbed the "Greenmunist" Party.

"Looking at the world, we may well wonder whether we actually have time to think of God and divine things, or whether we should not rather apply all our energies to improving the lot of people on earth. This was the attitude of Bertolt Brecht when he wrote:

Do not delude yourselves with lies,
Like the beasts man simply dies,
and after that comes nothing.

He regarded belief in a world beyond, in the Resurrection, as a deception that hinders man from fully laying hold of this world, of life. But if we stress man's similarity to the animals and oppose this to his likeness to God, we shall very soon regard man simply as an animal. And if, as another modern poet has said, we die like dogs, we shall very soon live like dogs, too, treating one another like dogs or rather as no dog should ever be treated.

The Jewish philosopher, Theodore Adorno had a more profound view of things. In the passionate, messianic yearning of his people, he continually asked how a just world, how justice in the world, could be created. Ultimately he arrived at this insight: if there is to be real justice in the world, it must be for all and for all time, and that means justice for the dead as well. It would have to be a justice that retroactively heals all past suffering. And this would imply the resurrection of the dead. Against this background I think we can hear the message of Easter in a new way. Christ is risen! There is justice for the world! There is complete justice for all, which is able retroactively to make good all past sufferings, and this is because God exists, and he has the power to do it. As Saint Bernard of Claivaux once put it, although God cannot suffer, he can be compassionate. And he can be compassionate because he can love. It is this power of compassion, springing from the power of love, which is able to make good the past and create justice. Christ is risen: this means that there is a power that is able to creat justice and that is actively creating it. That is why the message of the Resurrection is not only a hymn to God, but a hymn to mand, to earth and to matter. The whole is saved. God does not allow any part of his creation to sink silently into a past that has gone for ever. He has created everything so that it should exist, as the Book of Wisdom says. He has created everything so that all should be one and should belong to him, so that "God shall be all in all."

My thoughts: With abortion, partial birth abortion, infanticide and euthanasia running rampant, we have lost our collective soul and our individual souls and our faith in the Good God. We have been blinded by the world and it's lies. I can only concur with the words Mark wrote at the end of his post:

I believe the personhood and dignity of the unborn child must be respected from conception until natural death. Anesthesia is not an option to make the pain of our conscience go away. Ending abortion is the only option. It is coming… whether we end it, or God ends it, the end of it is coming.

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