Saturday, January 27, 2007

One Mother's love...

Re: this slide show. It's as beautiful and poignant as she was. Some don't see her as beautiful, but I do. Yes, she was wrinkled and worn, but much like a cherished book, she still has so much to say, even if yellowed crumpled and torn.

She's now shining bright in resplendent glory and has found her place for all eternity, nestled against the loving Sacred Heart of Christ.

Thank God she was allowed to be born, and graced the suffering poor as she did, and spoke the Truth in love to a world craving it. And some hating it. A few in the elite journalism world don't think she was anything special and for them, I feel nothing but pity, for they're too selfish to see past their noses.

I've even read some things so disparaging about Mother Teresa it leaves me cold. Only someone with scleroses of the heart could write such hateful things about this woman who gave her life for others. She lived and loved the culture where she was minister to the lepers, the poor and dying. She could not build extravagant hospitals to put them in, even with monies she was sent, as she respected the poor, the lepers and the dying of India. They themselves would not have ever wanted that, it would have been unthinkable for them, due to the class structure and their religious beliefs. She honored those beliefs in each and every soul. She talked to plenty of them in her years there, (more than any snooty reporter I'm sure) and knew that was how it was on the streets of Calcutta.

Mother Teresa ministered to them as they needed to be ministered to, and respected their dying wishes. The 'elites of this world' and a few snooty journalists, who will go un-named here, are simply arrogant blather spouting know-it-alls, who blasted her in articles saying things such as: "She could have done so much more for them, with all her wealth..." (blah blah blah ad nauseum) Believe me, they know not what they do or write. They're by far more poor in spirit than any dying soul in India. And I'm sure she's praying for all of the cruelest of her critics as diligently now as she did on earth. For she knew who was in greatest poverty...we spoiled, whiny Americans, doing "anything we darn well please," with eyes firmly focused on our navels, while we lie dying in materialism, as our families crumble by the wayside. I hope and pray the hardened hearts of all of us will soften and receive the Lord's Divine Mercy extended, because there will come a day when the justice of God will come. That same Mercy is what she so generously lavished upon the souls of the downcast and diseased, without complaining, on the cobbled streets of Calcutta.

God rest her precious soul.


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