Saturday, January 27, 2007

Schoenstatt Shrine in Minnesota...

Rich and I visited this Shrine last Fall. We didn't know anything about Schoenstatt at the time, but it was so picturesque as we drove up the long road and saw it in the distance. There is a convent/retreat center also all nestled serenely near a lake.
When Father Mitch Pacwa interviewed Sr. Jessica on Jan. 10, 2006, on EWTN LIVE we were thrilled to see this Shrine (of which there are many in various countries) and so happy to learn about the Rosary campaign and to learn more about this wonderful Movement.

Here is a write up of this Holy place located at Sleepy Eye, Minnesota:

Located on the shores of Sleepy Eye Lake, this exact replica of the original shrine in Schoenstatt, Germany has seen many visitors and guests since it was built and dedicated in 1976. In the autumn of 1973, the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary and the Schoenstatt Movement turned to the Blessed Mother in their helplessness and longing to find a location to build a replica shrine. The decision was made to entrust the petition to find the "perfect place" for the Shrine into the intercessory power of the Blessed Mother. The Movement and the Sisters made plans to crown the picture that had already been purchased by the Schoenstatt Girls for the future Shrine. The date of the Coronation was set for Saturday, December 7, 1974, in the parish church St. Peter and Paul in Ivanhoe, MN. Bishop Alphonse Schladweiler was the main celebrant, and he performed the actual coronation. Priests from the area as well as about 250 people participated in the Mass and ceremony. One of the petitions expressed the longing in everyone's hearts: "Blessed Mother, we ask you to show us where you want your Shrine in Minnesota. Show us the place...but please do it NOW!" Apparently the Blessed Mother heard this prayer, for less than three hours later, one of the priests in attendance, Fr. Robert Goblirsch, told the Sisters that the Diocese of New Ulm had land that had been donated for a religious purpose. There was a farm, known as the Anna M. Hillesheim Memorial, along Sleepy Eye Lake, on the west edge of the town of Sleepy Eye. Truly, the Blessed Mother showed them the spot where she wanted the Schoenstatt Shrine to be built.

Five years after the dedication of the Shrine, on June 28, 1981, an educational retreat center, Schoenstatt on the Lake, was dedicated. It is to be a place of prayer and encounter with God and Mary, a "home away from home" for the Schoenstatt Movement, and also wishes to serve the needs of the local Church and community.

The Shrine in Sleepy Eye is one of the more than 160 exact replicas of the original shrine and welcomes more than 5000 people each year.

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