Monday, January 22, 2007

Bob Dylan - Gotta Serve Somebody 1980

I remember when Bob Dylan became a Christian. I was so excited. I had all his gospel albums (still do somewhere) I know he's wandered as we all are sometimes wont to do.... I hope and pray he comes Home to Rome. These two songs were my two favorites of his Christian music. I did get to see him in November 1996 just about 6 months after his heart attack. I don't recall him singing either of these, but I myself was 'far from God.' Anyway, 'thanks Bob' for the songs. They're still poetically prophetic. We all serve somebody. Many serve themselves at the cost of others. I have. I pray to stop being selfish. It's a long hard road, but being in the Church Jesus established,with all the Saints cheering me on, I'm hopeful I'll make it to the end, serving the One who came to save me.


Tiber Jumper said...

I too remember Dylan's conversion. I am a huge Dylan fan. I once wrote a song called "I always wanted to be the Christian Dylan"
and after his foray into his birth faith I wrote another called
The Hebrew Dylan. I would love to write "The Papist Dylan"

Joyful Catholics said...

And I would LOVE to hear "Papist Dylan!" Let's pray for his Tiber crossing. I also pray for Paul McCartney, and Ringo. How cool it would be to see them all on the Journey Home. Wouldn't Marcus Grodi be in 'heaven' then?! : )

Tiber Jumper said...