Saturday, January 06, 2007


there is only one Love that really lasts

it's the Love that leads you safely on the path

that stretches out before you on to God

may your feet find the strength with which to trod

though this path is narrow and so often near

the abyss of hate and sin, distrust and fear

but if you're holding tightly to the Shepherd's hand

you'll never fall into that dark, foreboding land

this straight path is Holy Mother Church's arm

that draws and keeps you safe from every type of harm

remain close to her Tradition and Authority

then in a little while, your eyes will one day see

Our Mother Mary, who will lead you to her Son

Our Lord and Savior, the Most Holy, Mighty One

and we will be united, as He prayed so long ago

one in Jesus and the Father , forever more.

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