Friday, November 27, 2009

St James Intercisus...our brother in Christ...

The martyrdom of St. James Intercisus. He was slowly cut into 28 pieces starting with his fingers. He lived until he was beheaded.
He was a "coward" (he believed) but still with a good heart, who became a true, holy martyr with undaunting courage. It gives me hope. Pray for us St. James, that we will have the gift of "final perseverance' and die for our Lord and the Faith as you did...with such courage and love for Christ. Who in their right mind, would suffer and die like this for a mere symbol? The Eucharist is the difference. The Eucharist gives us grace to be changed and die for our Lord. I hope to not be 'cut up' in pieces, but I realize this is still happening to day in many third-world countries and no doubt still in China. The quote I have above is the quote that will always be "the quote" that pierced my soul the very first time I read it ... if it's a symbol, then to hell with it!! Obviously what martyrs like St. Intercisus thought.

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