Sunday, November 29, 2009

I remember the "Advent Calendar" ...

I need to find one of these and have it up again. Even as a Methodist girl, my Grandmother made sure my brother and I got a calendar when we were little. There was something to be said of my "holy" Grandparents...they surely would not recognize their church or their country today. How sad. But we as Catholics have so much to give to the world. Let's concentrate on getting closer to Jesus and His Mother, and we will be able to better serve the world, the poor, the lonely, the heartbroken. Get out of the "material world" and further into the spiritual world of deep prayer and silence. Don't let the "noise" of this season trap you and get you into a 'frenzy' of shopping and cooking and parties and malls. Retreat even for a few hours in a week, alone, and find Jesus anew in the solitude of your heart, your inner 'cell' and let Him keep you in "perfect peace" with your mind stayed on Him.

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