Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Get Smart...

The wickedness and snares of the devil are all over. So where does one get smarter for battle? Where does one get the 'fruit of the vine?'
In the Catholic Church~

where the wine is consecrated by the priest, in persona Christi, and becomes the Blood of Jesus, making those who receive His blood, not only smart, but safe and in the best place to become holy, to become saints. Catholic "church mice" receive the most efficacious Sacrament of all at Holy Communion. The Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ. So 'get smart' and if you've been away from the Catholic Church, just "come home" and if you're thinking about becoming Catholic, "do." You won't be sorry. You'll be 'wise' to be in the One, Holy,Catholic and Apostolic Church, the 'Refuge of Sinners.' Get smart. Stay safe.

and get your armour on for battle

The above drawing I found here.
God rest her [Church Mouse's] soul.

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