Friday, August 21, 2009

UH OH...

I was wondering about "THIS" and now I know. However, now that I know, it's disturbing, because now I'm not ignorant, so what do I do? Do I go to our parish priest and "inform" him? Me, the little 'convert' of nearly 5 years tells Father S that he's in disobedience by giving blessings to non-Catholics who walk up during Communion to receive their blessing? Anyone who can offer some guidance here, I'd appreciate it immensely!!! Thanks.


Anonymous said...

AMEN!!! I have no words of wisdom, but this is happening all over the country, I have been told by others that where they grew up (another state) the "communion ministers" were EM's "Eucharistic Ministers" if we don't even know the correct title then how are we to know the correct and appropriate role.

P.S the giving blessings to little kids drives me crazy, (they are not ordained and therefore can not do that, it is different than my dad giving me a blessing before I went to bed as a child).


Joyful Catholics said...

Thanks, Sarah. I like what you wrote about not getting the titles correct, how can we know the appropriate role? It's mucky and confusing,and we know "who" it is that works best under those conditions!