Friday, August 14, 2009

This is outrageous!...

I was saddened to receive an e-mail today informing me of the 5 companies dropping their sponsorship of and advertising on Glenn Beck's program. This is a sad day indeed! Due to the fear mongering, facist tactics of President Obama and his adminstration, this is what's happening! Glenn has EVERY RIGHT to speak his opinion on radio and tv as does Chris Matthews! This is the "change" huh? Well, I don't like it and ask that if you also don't like it, to please go to the link below and support your fellow American and his RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH! Once his goes, so does ours! This is the OBAMAchine in action and it's down right scary to intimidate good companies such as the 5 on the link who've "wimped out." Be courageous and FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT!

We're AMERICA! NOT IRAN!!!!!!!!!!!!


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