Thursday, August 06, 2009

She's no "Blessed Mother"...

I came across this news a few days ago, and posted on my Face Book. This isn't the same article, but it is still outrageous. Praying for our government, and Catholics in political offices who are in rebellion to the Church, and all our leaders and so-called "leaders." Where they're leading so many uninformed and blind and deaf people is the question. Continue to pray pray pray for our country, our politicians, our President, and most especially yourself and your children, as Jesus told the women he met on the path to Calvary. This is a dark time, but not a time to become discouraged or despairing. "...REJOICE, BE OF GOOD CHEER for I HAVE OVERCOME THE WORLD!" says Our Lord and Our Lady of Victory!
h/t Mommy for photo

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