Tuesday, August 18, 2009

To learn a new language...and to be thankful/grateful...

About 45 minutes ago while 'surfing' I landed upon this website. It's really cool. I hope to learn Latin, at least "some" Latin, and would like to take a class sometime in the not too distant future. But, also, what came to mind while at this site was "gratitude" and then "ingratitude." It's not hard to see how ingratitude has infected all peoples in the modern world, maybe especially the most blessed of all, those of us in America. We've received so many blessings, and we're still so blessed by so many things, most especially DAILY MASS, not a 'thing' but HEAVEN, JESUS HIMSELF! Ingratitude sours us. When soured, we complain. When we complain, we tear down and destroy our lives. No one wants to be around someone who complains all the time. If ingratitude is not remedied in the confessional, with gratitude filling up the void, it may become the harbinger of our spiritual 'demise.'

Lucifer was afterall the first vociferous "ingrate." He still influences us to not be a "thankful" or a "grateful" people. Humility, on the other hand, is the virtue that expresses gratitude. If Satan can distract us and lure us away from regular particiaption at Mass, thus keeping us away from the Eucharist, (Thanksgiving) then ingratitude will be the result, and we might deceive ourselves thinking we're fine, we're still following Christ, only to find out we've become followers of the 'one' who said: "I will not serve."

Jesus humbly came to serve, not to be served. The disciples learned gratitude by Jesus loving the Father, and doing His Father's will, to the point of death on the cross. Then by the breaking of the bread, were their eyes opened and gratitude welled in their hearts and like a fountain, the Eucharist (thanksgiving) the 'Water of Life' flows to all at Mass, healing the wounds of unforgiveness, despression, pain, physical sickness and/or emtional scars. Gentle words (gratitude is most gentle) bring life and health, but griping, (ingratitude,) brings discouragement, destruction and death. Don't give the "first ingrate" any ground! Resist him and his snares!

"Thank you" and it's many variations, "thanks much" or "thank you very much" found on this website in a plethora of languages was a curious find today. I must have needed to ponder this, and I pray that I will become more grateful. I thought it would be good to share with all of you. If one wants to learn a new language, wouldn't it be wonderful if the first word learned would be, "THANKS?"

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