Saturday, February 14, 2009

What I'm currently reading...and what I've finished reading so far this year

Don Bosco, A Spiritual Portrait, by Edna B. Phelan (reading)
Fatima, In Lucia's Own Words (reading)
My Daily Psalm Boo, J.B. Frey (daily)
Praying in the Presence of Our Lord with St. Thomas Aquinas, by Mike Aquilina (finished)
Joseph the Silent, Michel Gasnier (finished and HIGHLY recommend!)
Sermon in a Sentence, A Treasury of Quotations on the Spiritual Life Vol. 5. St. Thomas Aquinas (read and constantly referring to with the mysteries of the rosary)

Hoping to get started in the next week or two on Saint Thomas Aquinas by G.K. Chesterton and Carmel Its Spirit History and Saints compiled from approved sources by The Discalced Carmelites of Boston and Santa Clara Copyright, 1927

I have almost completely stopped watching tv except for EWTN and only a few programs on there. I have a voracious appetite now for books, and to get to know my big brothers and sisters in that glorious cloud of witnesses. I so want to advance in my spiritual life, and truly to become a saint! We all are called to be saints and as we know, saints are the only ones who enter heaven, so I pray that my reading is guided by the Holy Spirit, and I do believe He's guided me thus far. I have wonderful friends who've shared their love of books, and many books with me, and a great library at Mt. Michael to visit. Plus our parish library, Saint Robert Bellarmine and also St. Leo's. These are great sources available and FREE so I encourage people to make use of them!

Go grab a good book, (you should hear Don Bosco's exhortation to his boys, and brother priests regarding books! Be mindful of what you read...and let it be of spiritual advantage, otherwise, you're really wasting precious time!) and a hot cup of tea and travel with a Saint into that glorious presence and let the Holy Spirit speak to your heart. He does so profoundly in a book, because I believe it's in the stillness and solitude of reading that that "still small voice" is heard.

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Tiber Jumper said...

Ahh , so many good books , so little time! Had we known about these treasures. I hope God grants us more time here on earth to learn more about those who are in heaven, to prepare for that day.
God bless