Monday, February 02, 2009

From our own, Fr. Buckley...

Pastor's Column
(from the St. Patrick's Catholic Church
Bulletin, January 25, 2009, Fr. James Buckley)

The Reign of Terror Begins

In the French Revolution forces rose up against the monarchy
and the Church. One who presided over this revolution was
Robespierre. During his "fraternal, equal and free" pursuit
thousands of religious nuns, brothers and priests died at the blade
of the guillotine. Most were innocent, but it did not fit into
Robespierre' s plan for the future life of France . They presented a
threat to his revolution and the state's pursuit of his own religion
of virtue. Robespierre sat on the "Committee for Public Safety"
which implemented the executions of 20,000 to 40,000 in less than a
year. This was called the "reign of terror". Many would gather in
the public square and cheer while the innocent were annihilated. In
the end, Robespierre himself was turned upon and died at the hands of
the newly governed he had helped to create.
There is now a "new" government in our country. This "new"
government of "virtue" has just okayed federal funding for agencies
promoting and providing abortions overseas. It now promises stem-
cell funding and the prospect of the Freedom of Choice Act which will
completely eliminate every law passed in all fifty states restricting
any kind of limit to abortion, including parental notification. This
means ANY law in ANY state. These all will result in the deaths of
untold innocent lives. All this is done in the name of "freedom"
and, of course, "public safety." The French never recovered. They
still conduct their government by the distorted philosophy of
Rousseau and others.
The "new" government now promises hundreds of millions of
dollars in the "economic" stimulus package for birth control (much in
schools). It also is promising to end freedom of speech by shutting
down those who wish to discuss publicly what the government does on
public radio waves. All for "public safety."
Will our government continue down this dangerous road? Will
the voices of atheistic inhumanity continue to rise? Will many
Catholics continue to sit in the public square either laughing or in
silence while the innocent, both unborn and living (but protesting),
are humiliated, killed and described to the rest of society as
a "danger to public safety?" This has all arrived on our doorstep.
The skies grow darker and darker. Only loud voices and widespread
commitment by Catholics to defy and to protest the current wickedness
in our "new and virtuous" government can even begin to turn the tide
I challenge you, first to pray. Then to be active in
contacting your political officials to relay your "choice" to them.
We have good pro-life and freedom-loving senators and congressmen
from Nebraska . We must assure them of our assistance when they vote
against these things and also inform them of our displeasure when
they risk all of our future freedom as Catholics by any support of
the "new" government of "virtue."
I will keep you informed of the public record of voting by
our national and state officials so we know precisely what to pray
for and what Catholic Action to take.
If you are naïve as to how much freedom government can take,
just ask our Sudanese brothers and sisters and they will tell you. A
point is reached when there is no more ability to resist. Let us
pray we will not reach this point in our own country.


Their own opinion has misled many, and false reasoning unbalanced their judgment (Sirach 3:23)

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