Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Holy Incorruptibles!...

Read about these precious Saints

I saw a program about St. Veronica Guiliani yesterday on EWTN. Fr. Arellano, One in their Hearts, was talking about this holy woman, who received the impression of the crown of thorns, and also, the cross impressed upon her heart which was found when her body was exhumed. I then came to this website and was amazed to read about others, like her, incorrupt and their personal stories of sanctity. How we need their prayers~ we've dark days ahead, and I ask all of their prayers for our country, headed toward an "anti-God" state rule. So many gave their lives under persecution during revolutions all through the Church's history. I pray for the gift of final perseverence and to be more and more cheerful, joy-filled and to love Jesus more, complain much less and offer up all my aches, pains, emtional, physical sufferings, no matter how great or small for the souls of sinners everywhere, in the world, in the Church, my own family of which I am the biggest sinner of all. What inspiration, and what hope these Saints offer to us. I'd never heard of St. Silvan before, and had never read much about some of these others, our big brothers and sisters in the Faith, pray for us!

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