Saturday, February 14, 2009

Looking for a Sacred Destination?...

Pictured above is Rocamadour, France.
According to legend, Rocamadour was the home of an early Christian hermit named Zaccheus of Jericho. It is believed that he died in about 70 AD and had conversed with Jesus himself. According to some accounts, this Zaccheus was the husband of St. Veronica, who wiped the face of Jesus as he climbed to Calvary.
At some point after the hermit's death and burial in Rocamadour, the site became a place of pilgrimage. Some claim the town was named for the hermit, a "lover of rock" (roc amator).
Zaccheus is said to have brought with him to Rocamadour a statue of the Black Virgin, though the statue is generally dated to the 9th century. Due to the double attraction of the tomb of Zaccheus and the statue of the Virgin, pilgrims began to flock to Rocamadour. Many reported experiencing miraculous healings and conversions at the shrine.
I've got the "pilgrimage bug" big time...
but not the "pilgrimage bucks."
So for now, I can go to these websites and be the virtual pilgrim, which is still rather nice.
We have plenty of little shrines and holy ground right in our own area, well, every Catholic Church is Holy Ground.
All mini pilgrimages are sacred destinations, even if only a mile away to the adoration chapel of our parish. That's the best pilgrimage of all, and costs about zero, but the gain is imcomparable to anything one can imagine. And the Tour Guide(s)? Well, who can do better than the Holy Spirit, Mary, St. Joseph, and best of all, Jesus, ever present in the tabernacle or exposed...body, blood, soul and divinity!!
I've got my walking shoes on, and I'm heading there now.
Pax Vobiscum, Pilgrim

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