Monday, February 09, 2009

I concur with St Cyril...

I am astonished that there are people that actually raise this question: "Should one call or not call the Blessed Virgin the Mother of God?" Because if Our Lord Jesus Christ is God, how could the Virgin who gave birth to him not be the Mother of God? This is the belief that has been passed down to us by the Holy Apostles, even if they did not use this specific term. This is the teaching that we have received from the Holy Fathers...

The Blessed Virgin is truly the Mother of God since she supernaturally gave birth to the Christ, the Savior, who has taken on our flesh and our blood, and who on the human level, comes from the same substance as his Mother and ourselves.

At the same time, he is on the divine level; consubstantial to God the Father, i.e. his substance is that of the Father and not like that of the Father.

St Cyril of Alexandria (376-444)

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