Thursday, May 31, 2007

Oh swell. . .

There were pictures and now there are none. Maybe they'll appear again. Or not.
If anyone knows how to get them to appear again, lemme know. This happened before and didn't think it would again. It was major frustration then, too. I can't imagine having to post these on some other place just to get them to post here. Is it Blogger or Picasa? They all appeared relatively fast yesterday and then only some are gone by nightfall? What's up? Why are SOME still on here and the last ones posted are all of a sudden be gone? Not a warning do we get, just "poof" they're gone. Any help or answers would be greatly appreciated.

I guess I'll just wait it out and keep hitting refresh and hope for the best.

My "grumbling mouth" needs to start rejoicing in the midst of this frustration because it's not that horrible...just stinking annoying.

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