Saturday, May 12, 2007

Ave Maria -

Perry Como - what a smooth voice to sing to Our Lady,

What a tender and loving MOTHER we all have! How blessed and grateful I am to be back where she reigns as Queen of Hearts, Queen of Heaven and Queen of converts, for she was the one drawing us home to Rome...and I will Behold my Mother in 3 days on St Peter's square, I will greet her and thank her above the bones of our first Pope, Peter. I will walk with her and ask her intercession for us all in Assisi, near St. Clare! I'm getting a little excited, can you tell?

This might be the final post for a while, unless I get on here again before I go. Which I might, but if not, go in peace to LOVE and SERVE the LORD with gladness.

Bless you all and know that you'll be in my prayers.


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Tiber Jumper said...

keep us in ur prayers and we'll do the same