Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Dome of Home shining like a jewel against the blue Italian sky. . .and I cried

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It was a very moving time Saturday, walking with Scott Hahn along the winding barricades to enter St Peter's was such a gift! What a loving God I have! What a loving Father we all have! Kris and I were walking ahead of him, and I couldn't help but stop and cry for a brief moment, remembering my time there in 1973 with my parents. I knew mom was praying for me and could feel her presence and Kris gave me a hug. When we finally walked through those unbelievable huge doors, into our HOME, the history so thick in the air truly did drip from the walls. To think that now, finally, I was part of the 'story.' I'd been woven into the tapestry of this glorious Church, with all the Saints! I wasn't a "separated sister" any longer. God, in his grace has directed my path all these 52 years to this moment, to gaze on this Dome, to see the Saints lined up as a protective defense against the enemy was simply overwhelming. I was on the most holy of ground, above the bones of our first Pope!!

Around on the side as we were going to view the tombs of all our Popes, this fountain greeted us and yes, people can "drink the water" in Rome...and I'd not be surprised if this water has been blessed to give drink to the thirsty from all walks of life and all nations. Come to the River of Life...the font of Mercy and drink. That's what went through my head. Yes, we got to see the tomb of our beloved Papa JPII! I wanted so much to linger, but with 10,000 a day walking through,the guards have to keep the crowd moving. Understandable, but what was wonderful was that we got to go through twice. Once Saturday and then Sunday with our guide, Paula, who led us through the Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel. So I got to see where this precious soul has been laid to rest, and believe me, I know his prayers are going up for us all to the Throne of God! I even got a few pictures, (not allowed) but I got them anyway....not knowing the first time, of course. No photo polizia came after me, though. : )

More pictures will come and I hope to get a link to our slideshow on here, too. There are over 800 pictures and I know many of you won't have the time to view them all at once, but maybe there will be something that speaks to you as you sift through them. The wonder of our Blessed Mother, depicted in paintings and statues, and sculptures throughout the Eternal City was so comforting! She was truly everywhere, in the most obscure of places on the corners of buildings, in niches behind a street sign to see Our Lady's image was just a feeling I can't describe. If only here in America we could do this. If only the PC madness wasn't full tilt. How I'd love to see our Mother around the next corner in downtown Omaha, with her arms outstretched to the lonely, the lost and the hurting. To lead them to the next Catholic Church for healing, to lead them to Her SON to be fed true food and true drink that will last! If only the thin-skinned and thick of head in this country weren' they only were the tolerant folks they pride themselves to be. But here, I'm afraid someone would be offended by the "religious image" taking up their "space." How sad for this country and for the souls so ignorant.

Jesus, Mary we love you, Save souls!

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onionboy said...

The dome of home, well that just cracked me up. In a good and affirming way, of course.